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Budget PCVR hero headset 

The DPVR E4, is a good alternative to the now dis-continued HP REVERB G2.
At a similar price point of $830.00 AUD, it is a budget friendly PC-only headset.
The 120Hz refresh rate option is definitely a positive especially for a PCVR headset in this price bracket.
As a design choice it is compact and lightweight with much less of the “front-heaviness” found in some other PCVR headsets, and fits comfortably on the head/face for longer gaming sessions which are certainly more common in many PCVR use cases.
The head-strap as well, has a ‘flip-up’ hinged design that makes switching between being “in headset” and checking your real-world surroundings a lot less of a hassle than it is with most other headsets.
It is a great value PC-only option, which will appeal to PC VR enthusiasts on a budget. 

It also features a customisable LED light strip on the front of the device that allows wearers to choose a custom colour profile

- This headset requires a connection to a PC in order to be used.

- This headset has a high refresh rate120 Hz

- This headset does not require external base stations.

- This headset comes with two 6DoF controllers.