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VR- Zone is Australia’s exclusive Virtual Reality distributor for the next evolution in VR Locomotion: KATVR. Run by VR enthusiasts for VR enthusiasts, we believe that VR will revolutionise the way we play, entertain, learn and exercise. We are here to provide you with the ultimate customer service experience to bring the exciting world of VR to your home or business.

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Kat VR has revolutionized the VR industry with its new cutting-edge Omni Directional Treadmill, the “Kat Walk Mini.” You can now unlock infinite spaces with full 360 motion while maintaining the ability to walk, run, crouch, sit, strafe, and even jump! Take your VR experience to the next level by adding a Kat VR “ODT” for complete immersion with your virtual world. This cutting-edge machine offers you a vehicle for movement with any locomotion compatible application. Whether for business, gaming, training simulations, or even educational explorations, the Kat Walk Mini has you covered!