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ARVR Education are proud to be providers of ClassVR® - a ground-breaking classroom ready, Virtual & Augmented Reality System designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.
ClassVR is a ground-breaking classroom ready, Virtual & Augmented Reality system.
ClassVR is a complete VR and AR system for the classroom. It provides an engaging, immersive experience for students of all ages, and allows them to view and understand subjects and topics through personal experience. The immersion and engagement students gain from VR dramatically increases their ability to understand and retain information. The Virtual Reality headset complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use teacher controls. With over 1000 pre-made activities or the ability to create your own content, the possibilities are endless!
ClassVR’s new premium virtual and augmented reality headsets offers everything school need to make VR a reality in the classroom. The new headsets include the wired controller, have improved 2K HD fast switching display, high performing processor, lighter, improved resolution and wider 100 angle view, upgraded optics, front facing camera and an impressive 32GB storage. The set is supplied with 8 headsets and 8 controllers and comes in a handy storage and charging case. The case not only protects the headsets during storage, but also charges the headsets via a single wall plug. The case has an extendable handle with rugged wheels, making moving the headsets simple, even for young students.
The premium headsets also include with a wired hand controller to support ClassVR’s exciting new content release; explorable scenes. Being powered solely by the ClassVR headset during use, it’s lightweight and features three buttons, plus a central joystick controller. When immersing students into a virtual learning environment with ClassVR headsets, the optional Controller empowers students to intuitively explore their virtual environment with a new-found fluidity and complete control.
The ClassVR Portal is an open platform, supporting Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality curriculum content, as well as allowing students and teachers to create, upload and share their own content, creating a collaborative community of global educational resources. The ClassVR portal is a web-based app that can be accessed via the web on any device or operating system. The portal communicates with headsets through the wireless internet. The ClassVR Portal access is an annual subscription and a comprehensive VR headset management and content delivery system.
Key Features:
  • Unlimited access to over 1000 Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality educational resources, adapt existing content or create your own
  • New resources and activities added monthly
  • Complete overview and control of all ClassVR headsets within the school
  • Controlled, student appropriate interface
  • Guide students through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way
  • Teachers can review each students’ headset ‘point of view’ to instantly see if students are focused at the right place
  • Launch activities to multiple headsets simultaneously
  • Track student focus
  • A growing library of 360-degree video content
Learn through virtual reality! With the Merge Cube you can hold virtual objects in your hand and learn about anatomy, math, science, engineering and more. The durable and soft Cube is compatible with over 30 available apps to learn and play.
The Merge Cube enables active learning by enabling students to learn and create in entirely new ways while giving teachers simple AR/VR tools that increase student engagement, intellectual curiosity and classroom achievement. At the core is the Merge Cube – a digital school supply that extends learning beyond the limitations of device screens by giving students the ability to interact with virtual objects.
Bring lesson plans to life in the classroom to support active learning and content creation.
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50 creative ways to use classVR

50 Creative Ways to Use ClassVR in the classroom

Our free guide is designed to provide practical and inspiring examples of how schools all over the world are using ClassVR as a teaching tool in the classroom. Find out about how students of all ages have explored a wide range of content, from 360-degree images and videos to explorable scenes and tangible 3D augmented reality models, all of these resources available in ClassVR are used as pedagogical stimuli across the curriculum.

Download Guide HERE
Kids of Knox Grammar Prep School trying ClassVR

10 ways Virtual Reality can be used in the classroom

ClassVR has collected just a few of their favourite ideas for bringing virtual and augmented reality into the classroom, based on what teachers in their schools, colleges and universities are achieving with their students and put them into this booklet.

Download Booklet HERE
Kids trying ClassVR at Emmanuel College

Research in the use of Virtual Reality learning

This document has been written to explore current research into the use of virtual and augmented reality within the sphere of learning.

Download Research document HERE
A few photos of kids trying ClassVR at Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College Case Study

Emmanuel College in Queensland researched several VR solutions and ClassVR stood out as the best fit for the school’s current needs. This study details why they are using VR in their school.

Case Study