Tactosy for Feet (Pair)

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Feel the excitement of kicks. Bring competitive edge in playing Taekwondo, Soccer, Kickboxing in VR!

6 Feedback Points
Real-time haptic feedback delivered by 3 feedback points on the top of each foot will immensely improve your VR training experience.
Compatible with Vive Trackers
Tactosy for Feet come with tracker connecting modules for Vive trackers. Track the movement of each foot by attaching Vive trackers to Tactosy for Feet.
Secure Fit
Tactosy for Feet comes in one size with adjustable straps. The durable straps and Velcro ensure that it stays securely fastened on your feet even after extreme movements.
Stay Hygienic
Lining on Tactosy for Feet can be easily removed and washed.

• 3 haptic feedback points (each)

• Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE)

• 286g / 0.63lbs (each)

• Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.8V, 2900mAh, 11Wh)

• 1.5hrs with 5V, 2A (max)

• 36.7 hours Playtime