KAT WALK C 2 Core [Custom Order]

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Size: 32

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VR Treadmill at your home for only $2,200.00 

Compatible with Steam VR, Meta VR, Oculus PCVR.  

PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 support currently under development...


* Level up your VR immersion

* Unlock infinite movement in VR

* Reduce VR Motion Sickness

* Discover VR 2D Foot Tracking

* Burn Calories in VR Games 


 Instant Actions - Latency < 10MS 

Precise Motion - Distance Accuracy < 0.12 MM 

Decoupled Directions - Degree Accuracy < 0.3°

1:1 Speed - Analog Mapping 

2D Tracking - SPI > 1200

Size: 32
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