etee Controller

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 Design, play, control and code like never before with our range of eteeControllers. The full finger tracking capabilities and button-free design allow for customisation and flexibility for all gaming and project needs.

etee Controller was designed with the user in mind from the curve of the silicone handle to the placement of the haptic sensing technology. Gamers and makers have control of their VR, gaming and design experiences like never before. Advanced sensing technology allows for free hand movement and more intuitive control in gaming, design, robotics, and programming.

Now you can move between realities with 5-finger grip and gestural based tracking and control thanks to TG0’s patented technology
(How do I create eteeController SteamVR Bindings? (

compact and lightweight (aprox 82g)
etee is accessible and easy to use across multiple applications including but not limited to : PC gaming, AR/VR, training modules, mobility, robotics, manufacturing, healthcare, smarthomes and automotive.

Multiple and expanding capabilities

- Touch and proximity detection
- Trackpad allowing for single and double clicks
- Ability to pinch, point and squeeze
- Integrate into camera hand tracking
- Adaptable to existing tech including: smart TV, music, micro-controllers



  • eteeController, Left and Right
  • 1 eteeDongle
  • 2 USB-C charging cables
  • 3 foam sizes, 2x S/M/L


  • Thumbpad (configurable as trackpad/joystick/D-pad)
  • LED slider (configurable as two independent buttons/analog input
  • Full finger tracking
  • Replaceable foam (S, M & L)
  • Configurable RGB lighting
  • 3 degrees of freedom with IMU
  • 6 hours playtime - battery 730 mAh LiPo - charging through USB-C
  • Default gestures: Point/Pinch/Grip

connectivity - BLE with dongle USB-C

weight - aprox 82g?