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Sim-gamers and FOV fans, get some of this on ya face!  

*Earphones shown in photos sold separately here

The Pimax Crystal Is 2023’s new contender for the “best high-performance headset for PCVR” title.
Because it is all about the high quality visuals with a wide FOV , super clear lenses, QLED panel, and high refresh rate support , this headset is the new-hotness on the Driving & Flight simulation scenes, where users often demand peak visual quality.
To get the most out of what this headset has to offer you will want to have the beefiest gaming PC specs you can afford to get your hands on…
This is not a plug & play product. You will want to spend a bit of time tweaking settings and optimising it to work at it’s best with your setup. Do this though, and you will get a visual experience that is hard to compare with anything else on the market currently.
Built in eye-tracking allows for FOVeated rendering, which further increases FPS performance and efficiency even at max quality settings.
Whilst primarily a PCVR focused product, this headset does have a Standalone mode, and runs off a high capacity battery.

QLED + Mini-Led Display

2880*2880 pixel per eye.   

Up to 160Hz refresh rate. 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz modes available.  

Customized replaceable aspheric optical lens, with 35PPD and 42PPD peak fidelity. 


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Our Review of the Pimax Crystal

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