PICO 4 Global Edition (256Gb)

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Best bang for your VR bucks on the market currently. Pancake lenses, clear as it gets, and lightweight design plus a little more RAM than the competition. 

Don't wait and get your hand on one this Pico 4! And because we want you to enjoy it even more, we've bundled some great accessories with it!


Full specs:

  • 256g storage
  • 5300mAh battery, but can play non-stop
  • Proprietary pancake optical lens allows for a wider view
  • Two 2.65-inch fast-LCD screens 
  • Refresh rate as high as 90Hz
  • 2K resolution per eye
  • PPI performance of up to 1200
  • 105 degree ultra-wide field of view
  • 62-72mm inter-pupillary distance adjustment with precision
  • 6DoF spatial positioning for heightened VR experience
  • sub-millimetre positioning accuracy millisecond tracking speed
  • Omni-directional SLAM, infrared optical positioning system 
  • Motion trackers that can achieve 3DoF spatial positioning
  • See the real world through headset with full colour passthrough
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AU Plug & Warranty Included

Loaded with Incredible Features

Ultrawide Pancake Optics

105° ultra-wide field of view

Lightweight Design

Balanced design, easy to wear

Color Pass-Through

See the real world through the headset

Customise your Pico

Add some accessories to make your Pico experience even more fun!

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