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KAT Loco - Multi-Purpose VR Locomotion System

KAT Loco is a revolutionary foot-based VR locomotion system that gives you complete physical control over your lower-body actions in virtual reality. With KAT Loco, you can freely walk, run, strafe, and carry out any other movements you need in your virtual adventures. This all-in-one locomotion solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, from gaming to socializing with friends in the virtual world.

VR Locomotion Solution

KAT Loco is the ultimate solution for realistic locomotion in virtual reality. Traditional VR locomotion techniques have failed to provide an optimal solution that combines high immersion with convenience. But with KAT Loco, you can finally bring your lower body into play, freeing your hands from controlling body directions and allowing you to walk with your feet. This not only increases immersion, but also reduces motion sickness and space limitations.

Immersive Gameplay

Experience immersive gameplay like never before with KAT Loco. By integrating your lower body into VR interactions, you can achieve more precise and detailed actions in gaming. With KAT Loco, you can run, jump, and even move backwards with ease, giving you a strategic advantage in many games. Plus, the analogue speed and low motion latency allow for instant movement and realistic acceleration.

Independent Head and Body Directions

One of the main differences between standard motion in games and real-life movement is the ability to independently control head and body directions. KAT Loco allows for this function, giving you the freedom to look around, aim, and shoot while continuously moving towards your intended direction. This not only enhances immersion, but also adds a level of realism to your VR experience.

Roomscale Support

KAT Loco fully integrates your play area into the VR experience, allowing you to interact with your surroundings in a natural way. You can even jump and perform other physical actions without manually switching between different motion modes. Plus, KAT Loco supports moving backwards, giving you complete control and awareness in any situation.

Modular Sensors for Mocap

KAT Loco's sensors are modular, making the system expandable and applicable to content requiring


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