At VR Zone, we are always happy to work with other Businesses to provide them with Headsets, 3D scanners, Computers and more that are suited to their professional needs.

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A selection of our products tailored to Businesses

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Pico 4 Enterprise Edition 256Gb headset and controllers in a white background for sale at VR Zone in Adelaide Australia

Pico 4 Enterprise Edition (256Gb)

A few Features:

5300mAh battery
Face & Eye Tracking
Proprietary pancake optical lenses
Refresh rate as high as 90Hz
2K resolution per eye
PPI performance of up to 1200
105° ultra-wide field of view
6DoF spatial positioning for heightened VR experience
sub-millimetre positioning accuracy millisecond tracking speed
Motion trackers that can achieve 3DoF spatial positioning
Full-colour passthrough

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Einscan H 3D Scanner in white background for sale at VR Zone in Adelaide Australia

EinScan H

Hybrid LED and Infrared light source handheld colour 3D scanner, making 3D scanning on faces more comfortable without having to use excessive external light. 

A few Features:

Impressive high resolution reaches 0.25 mm.
High accuracy of scanned data up to 0.05 mm and volumetric accuracy 0.1mm/m improves the precision of 3D modelling in a dense points cloud or polygon meshes
Scan speed up to 1,200,000 points/s and large scan FOV of 420*440 mm ensure fast 3D scanning of large size objects
Built-in colour camera supports full colour texture capturing and tracking by texture
Weight is only 703g

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Insta360 Pro 2 VR Camera in a white background for sale at VR Zone in Adelaide Australia

Insta360 Pro 2

TheInsta360 Pro II VR Camera with FarSightbundle fromInsta360captures 360 spherical VR videos and stills in configurations up to 8K 3D.

A few Features:

Captures 8K 360 videos and stills in 3D up to 30 fps and 2D up to 60 fps.
CrystalView for viewing 8K footage on standard VR headsets or smartphones
FarSight 360° long-range monitoring system
View 30 fps live preview up to 15' via Wi-Fi
Live stream 4K video while recording 8K
Pro-quality, nine-axis FlowState image stabilization
Automatic proxy file creation for a quick editing flow
Captures to six microSD and one SD card for flexible post options
Integrated GPS module is Google Maps compatible
Six 200° fisheye lenses (selectable—use all six or less)
Adjustable shutter speed
High-resolution 120 fps slow motion
Four built-in mics, one 3.5mm external mic input, two USB ports
Optical-flow stitching
Hot-swappable 5000mAh rechargeable battery

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