[B2B] PICO 4 Enterprise Edition (256gb)

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The PICO 4 we know and love, but this time there's more.... 

*Face tracking 
*Eye tracking  
* Hand tracking

Global Edition 

Now with FREE Australian AC adapter.  

  • 256g storage
  • 5300mAh battery, but can play non-stop
  • Proprietary pancake optical lense allows for a wider view
  • Two 2.65-inch fast-LCD screens 
  • Refresh rate as high as 90Hz
  • 2K resolution per eye
  • PPI performance of up to 1200
  • 105 degree ultra-wide field of view
  • 62-72mm inter-pupillary distance adjustment with precision
  • 6DoF spatial positioning for heightened VR experience
  • sub-millimetre positioning accuracy millisecond tracking speed
  • Omni-directional SLAM, infrared optical positioning system 
  • Motion trackers that can achieve 3DoF spatial positioning
  • Can see the real world through headset or a screen with full-colour passthrough.