[ARVR] ClassVR Combined Content Licenses, Avantis World & Portal Subscription (3 Year)

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The ClassVR Portal is a comprehensive VR headset management and content delivery system, which includes:

  • Unlimited access to over 750 AR, VR and MR educational resources
  • New resources and activities added monthly
  • Complete overview and control of all ClassVR headsets within the school
  • Ability to adapt existing content or completely create your own

Key features:

  • Deliver your VR lesson to every student simultaneously
  • Guide students through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way
  • Teachers can review each student’s headset ‘point of view’ to instantly see if students are focused at the right place
  • When a lesson is delivered, the headsets automatically lock into the selected activity   

Includes Avantis World:

Avantis World is a revolutionary way for students to explore virtual reality experiences linked together in one thrilling theme park. The park contains six educational virtual reality ‘Lands’, covering all areas of the educational curriculum, with hundreds of scenes to explore, fully immersing students in a totally unique learning experience. The portal lets students explore from the safety of a ClassVR headset or a web browser.

In addition, Avanti’s World comes complete with a web-based learning platform, delivering additional educational resources and assessments, all based around the theme park’s learning zones and scenes. A separate teacher login provides access to enhanced reporting tools, allowing them to monitor and grade students’ progress through the park.

Powered by a brand-new collaborative VR technology, ‘VRroom’, students and teachers can explore and communicate together in Avanti’s World as ‘avatars’, from anywhere with an internet connection. This teacher-student interaction is critical to the learning process and has become even more important with a new reality of blended classrooms and learning from home. The clever tech also allows schools to use a ‘VRroom room’ via any web enabled device, making this virtual space available to all students.