[B2B] EinScan H

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EinScan H is a Hybrid LED and Infrared Light source handheld Colour 3D Scanner, making 3D scanning on faces more comfortable without having to use excessive external light. 

Achieving full colour ready-to use high quality 3D data in minutes is done with ease due to the built-in colour camera and large field of view. No issues with dark colours such as human hair as the invisible infrared light source is a reliable solution. 


- Impressive high resolution reaches 0.25 mm.

- The high accuracy of scanned data up to 0.05 mm and volumetric accuracy 0.1mm/m improves the precision of 3D modelling in a dense points cloud or polygon meshes.

- Scan speed up to 1,200,000 points/s and large scan FOV of 420*440 mm ensure fast 3D scanning of large size objects. 

- The built-in colour camera supports full colour texture capturing and tracking by texture.

- Weight is only 703g