etee Controller SteamVR kit

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etee Controller SteamVR kit is the first-of-its-kind full-finger tracking controller. Lightweight and intuitive to use etee Controller allows users to control their VR experiences without gloves, cameras, or other excess equipment. 

etee is a full finger sensing controller allowing gamers and VR enthusiasts to control VR/XR experiences and technology simply through touch gesture proximity and pressure of all fingers.

ergonomically designed, etee is worn rather than held and does not rely on button-based control offering more intuitive and natural interaction and conformable controls.

etee is currently compatible with SteamVR games, the opportunity exists to expand capabilities and partnership opportunities, via the open-source Dev-Kit software and licenses (enquire if interested). 

eteeController, Left and Right

2 eteeTracker SteamVR

  • 1 eteeDongle
  • 2 eteeDongle SteamVR
  • 4 USB charging cables
  • 3 foam sizes, 2x S/M/L

 eteeController   -730 mAh LiPo
 eteeTracker SteamVR - 700 mAh LiPo
4-5 hours playtime

Required hardware:
Virtual Reality ready PC
SteamVR compatible headset - (Pimax and headsets with inside-out tracking systems are not compatible.)
Base stations - (VIVE Base Station 1.0, 2.0, or Valve Index Base Station)