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VR Walking Solution

KAT Walk C is the world’s first gamer-dedicated, personal VR Omni-Directional Treadmill (ODT) – A new generation mechanical device that allows for 360 degrees of human motion, creating infinite movement area in VR on minimum physical space in reality. Our new device is the most innovative VR walking solution suitable for home use and affordable for individuals – Your personal gate into the virtual dimension!


Bringing a VR ODT such as KAT Walk C into play effectively addresses the main problems existent in traditional VR locomotion solutions and offers a more complete virtual reality experience.



Designed entirely for gamers, KAT Walk C offers a complete VR Locomotion experience integrating everything you might need in your virtual adventures. We’re developing it to let you dive into VR and experience ultimate immersion the way WE have always desired – uncompromisingly.



 A personal Omni-Directional Treadmill has to fit into your gaming cave and offer just enough mobility to be taken in and out of sight easily! All of that without losing on affordability and multifunctionality – KAT Walk C meets all the standards of a personal device and brings the dream of immersive gameplay straight into your home.

KAT Walk C is the world’s first VR Omni-Directional treadmill that is dedicated entirely to gamers and therefore, even with all of its bells and whistles, it’s still cost-effective. 

Our innovative ergonomic design makes KAT Walk C the most compact Omni-Directional Treadmill up to date. With an effective walking area of just 0.69m², KAT Walk C fits into almost all spaces. 



KAT Walk C is not only C - ompactC - onsumer-friendly, and C - ost-effective. It is also a C - ompleteC - omprehensive, and C - ompatible solution that's optimized to meet all the requirements of modern VR gaming, where there is no place for immersion-breaking compromises.


Unleash your full physical capabilities for it’s time to bring your body into play! KAT Walk C unlocks uncharted levels of immersion with an increase of the locomotion physicality and reduction of motion sickness

Thanks to open ergonomics and an unrestrictive back support structure providing maximum safety without restricting the leg and arm motion, movement on the KAT Walk C is never limited by any mechanical components.

Thanks to a special Mg&Si alloy material that is much stronger than steel but much lighter, KAT Walk C can keep you safe and balanced without affecting the optimal inertia required for quick and easy turning around and full balance and control even at larger & faster spins.

KAT Walk C lets you achieve instant and natural movement. Use this opportunity to experience thrilling virtual-reality adventures. Ever wondered what would it be like to explore the caves and ruins of Skyrim on your own feet? Why not just do it?

Ps: If you happen to bump into a horde of Draugrs, running might be particularly useful. We’re dead serious about that!

High freedom in vertical motion spices up the gameplay increasing immersion in just any virtual reality game. it will come in handy on many different occasions - crouch to take cover, hide from your opponents, or take a good shooting position!

In addition to the movement up and down, we have equipped the KAT Walk C's harness with an additional degree of horizontal waist freedom (Pitch) for your upper body to let you easily lean forward, peek from behind the covers, and pick items up. Use this freedom in FPS games like Pavlov, where each gun you find on your way can save your life!

KAT Walk C enables you to also move backward! How else would you be able to retreat while keeping an eye on the field of battle and continuously fighting back the approaching enemies in competitive shooters like Contractors VR, Onward or Pavlov?

Being one of the main mechanics of many games, strafing is incorporated as an integral function of the KAT Walk C’s locomotion system! Use it to dodge bullets, take cover, or simply stay in motion when fighting multiple enemies!

KAT Walk C offers also a special cruise mode allowing you to continuously move in a certain direction with a constant speed without moving your legs. And let’s face the truth – you’re gonna need it for easier and more effective journeys when traversing vast lands through Skyrim, No Man’s Sky, or any other Sandbox games!

A complete and natural locomotion system makes KAT Walk C the only VR ODT meeting the requirements of modern gaming. Whether you’re a maniac of story-driven RPGs, an enthusiast of competitive FPSes, or a fan of social games, KAT Walk C is tailor-made for you!

What’s more, all of that contributes to a natural walking experience that we all pay so much attention to. Imagine having your immersion shattered right in the middle of an epic battle just because you realized how unrealistic it actually feels.. We know that pain too.. That’s why we’re fully dedicated to our research to develop effective technological solutions capable of improving the gait naturalness.

Throughout the years of professional experience with virtual reality locomotion, we’ve been studying the physiques and biomechanical properties of the human body to obtain the optimized walking pattern of a healthy individual.

 Application of high manufacturing standards, carefully selected materials with the optimized friction coefficient, and proper base surface curvature, as well as structure adaptation to biomechanical requirements of human gait, allows KAT Walk C to closely fit that pattern and achieve high technical accuracy necessary for providing a natural walking experience.

Each KAT Walk C comes with a pair of our cutting-edge footwear that pushes the boundaries of immersive VR experience further than ever, offering high customization to the user preferences. With multiple available levels of friction, KAT Walk C offers a natural walking experience to any type of player from complete novices to VR veterans!

Last but not least, your natural walking posture characterized by a constant fluctuation of the body gravitational center as well as the pelvic tilt deviation forwards will be supported at all times with our body-adaptive waist harness. Its smart ergonomic design incorporates multiple mechanical advancements that increase the level of human-machine interaction, giving you maximum control over your KAT Walk C.

In order to ensure that the KAT Walk C can truly become the extension of your body, we’re equipping the harness with a multi-layer reverse-tightening system that not only helps you get securely fastened but also improves the harness contiguity to your body.

This ensures a highly natural walking experience and also allows for a wide range of safe and smooth vertical actions.

We have also made sure you are never going to run out of great titles to beat! After all, what would be the meaning of that all without the world’s finest content to experience it with? We all know that in the end, everything comes down to gaming!

KAT Walk C is a complete plug and play solution that supports all free locomotion games on SteamVR and PSVR! There are dozens of compatible titles!

· Get fully immersed in Skyrim VR and experience what it’s like to be an adventurer! Well.. at least until you get an arrow in a knee! Or get smashed by a giant! Or fried with Alduin’s fire! Or.. well.. forget that, just experience what it’s like to face a real adventure on your own feet!*

*We are doing our best to ensure your maximum safety at all time. However, please be sure to use the device according to our instructions. KAT VR will not be held responsible for frostbites, cut wounds, animal bites, or any other injuries inflicted by swords, magic or dragons. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms occur when using the device, please consult your healer.

· Traverse the streets of city 17 in Half Life: Alyx and utilize the capabilities of your KAT Walk C to show the interdimensional invaders who’s the new sheriff in town! Pssst: If you meet an entire Combine’s squad, it is still strongly recommended to turn tail – luckily enough KAT Walk C lets you run really fast!

· Stand up to your opponents in competitive shooters such as Pavlov VR, Contractors VR or Onward! With KAT Walk C you’ll be able to carry out just any action you might need to dominate the modern field of battle! What’s even better – you’ll finally get the taste of modern VR e-sport!

· AND MORE! There are hundreds of compatible titles – Explore them yourself and experience your own virtual adventures!

KAT Walk C’s universal compatibility will allow you to enjoy your favorite VR games at their best! What’s more, our technology ensures that even the upcoming titles will be compatible by default as long as they support Free Locomotion!

Besides making it compatible with the most popular platforms, we also designed KAT Walk C to operate as an independent “controller” allowing it to directly work with any major headset including Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro, PSVR*, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, and Pimax. It is even compatible with Oculus Quest through Link.

* Compatibility with PSVR ensured through KAT PiSystem Adapter. You can purchase it by adding its value ($119) to your original pledge. For more information, please refer to our accessories section and FAQ.

** For more information about headset compatibility, please refer to our FAQ

Moreover, KAT Walk C comes with a complete algorithm system and high-performance, deep-integrated sensors utilizing their full capabilities. Their unique combination ensures high technical accuracy and low motion latency to enhance each aspect of your gaming experience and elevate it up to a whole new level!

There’s nothing worse in the entire world than lags ruining a perfect killing spree! Thanks to our algorithm, the entire process of motion data collection, processing, and transmission takes a blink of an eye letting you walk, run, and stop instantly. And the implementation of analog speed allows you to achieve realistic acceleration through a higher frequency of steps in each VR game and simulation that supports it.

One of the main differences between standard motion in games and real-life movement is independent control over the head and body directions which are not fixed. Our algorithm decouples them allowing you to freely look around, aim, and shoot while continuously moving towards any intended direction!

Our intelligent motion-capture algorithm recognizes each movement you make, and ensures high precision of its transmission into the virtuality - from walking and running through using cruise mode to walking backward and even strafing! High accuracy is absolutely necessary for multiplayer gaming where small details make a big difference!

Adaptive tension design of the two available KAT Walk C versions (Standard, Large) allows people of wide ranges of body types to use them without having to change any components.

The reverse tightening safety system of our harness allows people as thin as 62 cm (24.4 in) in waist circumference or as wide as 130cm (51 in) to use the device safely and smoothly.

What’s more, you don’t need to be the jack of all trades to set up your KAT Walk C. It can be easily assembled or dismantled by just anyone even without any technical background! The whole process is as quick, easy, and user-friendly as it gets! Store your KAT Walk C when it’s not in use to save some space and assemble it again in no time!

Last but not least, KAT Walk C offers our new multi-functional software – KAT Gateway. We’ve combined the simplicity of its control panel with the adjustability of the parameter to let you easily turn your KAT Walk C into a perfect VR input device for YOUR needs! Chilling out in a single-player experience right after winning an online match of the century? Adapt the settings in no time!

Thanks to KAT Gateway, you can get quick access to the KAT Walk C’s control panel both from a computer desktop and directly from your VR headset. You’ll be able to easily adjust all the parameters in only a matter of seconds, and most importantly – you can do it without having to leave the virtual world or asking for anyone’s assistance.

Parameters such as foot tracking sensitivity or decoupled head and body directions can be adjusted at any time to provide you with a more enjoyable experience and properly address the requirements of specific content. We are fully aware that different game genres require different, individual approach - Sandbox RPGs, Competitive FPSes, Adventure Games, Fighting Simulators, and all others are all played in a totally different way!

With KAT Gateway you’ll be able to easily switch between different setups and adjust them to your liking for ultimate gaming experience! After all, every single one of us is a different type of player and expects slightly different gameplay. With KAT Gateway YOU make the call!

What’s more, KAT Gateway also integrates all functions of our highly acclaimed inSteam technology that allows you to play just any free locomotion VR games. And that’s not all! Thanks to the application of our newest enhancement - inSteam Turbo, each compatible game no matter if opened directly through steam, shortcuts, or even with the KAT Walk C’s control panel turned off, will be automatically launched with an optimal settings configuration. 

Let's not forget that virtual reality is not only about gaming! With KAT Walk C you can effectively lose weight while having fun in your favorite virtual reality environments. So why not connect business with pleasure when that's simpler than ever? KAT Walk C will help you increase the physicality of your VR experience and stay in healthy shape! And that's not all - being compatible with all free-locomotion VR games, KAT Walk C lets you also enjoy more the social interactions in Rec Room or VRChat.

 And you can experience that at almost any place. The compact construction lets KAT Walk C to become integrated for good with your living environment.

Besides the universal compatibility with all Free Locomotion Games, we offer a wide variety of titles additionally adapted to our solutions with the use of our native Software Development Kit in order to provide an even deeper and more immersive VR experience. And most importantly - our SDK is simple and easy to use by just any developer! With Unity and Unreal engine plugins, full video tutorials, and around the clock support from our in-house dev team, the whole process of integration can be completed in a matter of hours, letting you focus and stick to your existing development schedules.

We are on hand for any testing or trouble-shooting, but we can also provide our sensors kit or a KAT WALK C itself for you to play with and test out in your office. We’re always delighted to work with new developers and expand our integrated games list to provide the players with even a wider variety of compatible VR titles to play. Please, visit the developer center at www.katvr.com, or contact us at developer@katvr.com to find out more details and answers to any questions you have. You are always welcome to join the KAT VR family!

Using our SDK, you can quickly integrate just any virtual reality game and much more!

 The technical specification of KAT Walk C has been prepared to closely fit the needs of virtual reality enthusiasts like you!

Platform Size: Standard
EU Shoe Size: 37